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Sanjo Recording Studio

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Started a Recording Studio by the name, Sanjos Recording Studio by Holy Queen's province

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New Provincial Team

Our newly elected Provincial Team with departments: 1. Sr. Dr. Anie Prasanna CMC : Provincial Superior Administration & Religious Formation 2. Sr. Dr. Sophy Rose CMC : Vicar Provincial Renewal & Missi

Ruby Jubilee 2021

Ruby Jubilee 2021(Celebration) 40 Years 1. Sr. Rose Vijaya 2. Sr. Susan Rose 3. Sr. Grace Maria 4. Sr. Lilly Paul 5. Sr. Litty Therese 6. Sr. Sophy Rose

Silver Jubilee 2021

Silver Jubilee 2021 (Celebration) 25 Years 1. Sr. Lily Therese 2. Sr. Treesa Julitta 3. Sr. Alice Josna 4. Sr. Anupa 5. Sr. Anns Jeena 6. Sr. Jiss Maria 7. Sr. Vinaya Rose 8. Sr. Cicily Vandhana 9.Sr.


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