Social Work

Social Work

The starting point of Christian understanding of man and women is the awareness that they have been created in the image and likeness of God. That is revealed by the Sacred Scripture. To give better future to women in society province took initiatives under the proper guidance of Sr, Jovit. As the saying goes The more you give, the more joys and satisfaction you feel. During these three years social works in the province level has improved considerably. From what we can, we have given more help to marriage funds, education funds & housing funds.

Mutual adoption of one parish: (Arivikuzhy)-Rev sisters renderd generous help in the spiritual and material life for Dalit Christians. visited all the houses, helped to build one house for one family. No one is left out.

Sisters visit the houses of drunkards and counsel them and provide monetary help for their de-addiction. On account of land donation as part of our social works one convent (Ayroor) vacant completely and gave to L.S.D.P.sisters.

Various financial assistance projects like Marriage fund-which helps for the marriage of poor people, Educational loan scheme-to complete the professional education, housing project-to complete the construction of houses

Queens garments in Manganam & Vezhapra is a social work project of the province,  a bag and uniform stitching unit for making the women employed and self-reliant.

Thrickodithanam counselling centre- 24 hours service of two sisters in this field. This is also a de-addiction center helping the clients to keep away from smoking, drinking and drugs through counselling and therapy treatment.

In M.R. Schools social work flourish in making paper bags, paper plates, soap powder etc: In our special school, our children are trained in different fields adequatively and they brought laurels from different competitions.

Sangetham- Two sisters are living a simple life style, giving awareness programme to villagers on agriculture and other productive works. Each convent in the province competes with each other to grow more vegetables, to rear more animals etc in order to make sisters grow in simple life style. Prices are given to the winners.