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Faith Formation

This is good and it pleases God our saviour, who wants everyone to be saved and come to know the truth. (1Timo.2-4). The greatest necessity for salvation is the faith in Jesus Christ the true Messiah. And eternal life means knowing you the only true God , and knowing Jesus Christ, whom you sent. (Jn.17-1). It is the duty of the church to try to give proper knowledge about the Messiah to the humanity that is called to gain forgiveness of sin ,salvation and eternal life through faith in Jesus the Messiah. The goal of proclamation of the word , catechesis, faith formation etc.... is to lead mankind to the salvation that Jesus Christ gives. Religious are specially called and consecrated to do this duty that is entrusted to the church by Jesus the Messaih. The first preference of CMC which was founded by Blessed Chavara, with the goal of Christian formation of people, especially that of women and children ,is also the same.

We are fully aware of the fact that our religious Congregation is established for the upliftment and salvific empowerment of the people of God, especially of women and children..Through different fields of apostolic services, we are trying to proclaim the greatness of womanhood, organise and redeem the women and children victimized through exploitation and persecution and strengthen those who are neglected, suppressed and enslaved in the circumstances where womanhood is degraded to consumerism and womanhood is considered as curse and birth is denied to female foetus.

Father Chavara realised and recognised that there is no one to give CHRISTIAN FORMATION to women and children in kerala. It was his desire to accomplish this, through consecrated women. Therefore it is the prime duty and goal of the establishment of our religious Congregation to enable the baptized people of God to understand the meaning of the gift of faith and also help and support them to worship God in spirit and truth and lead them to infinite bliss of the mystery of of the salvation of Christ. Thus they have to grow up to Christ in personal perfection and through them , the world ,towards Christian formation.

Proclamation of the word, Catechism, Apostolate of Parish, renewal of family , and education are the means for Christian formation.

Our Faith formation activities are mainly centred around our Carmel Mount retreat centre through the various programmes arranged by our sisters there. Retreats conducted by our Carmel team and others at Carmel Mount, and in different schools, Sunday schools, and such other centres, One day conventions at Carmel Mount , Prayer Programmes arranged for different groups in and outside. Carmel Mount Counselling and intercessory prayers for the needy, are all very effective and useful.

Another very fruitful service undertaken by our faith formation team is HOME MISSION. It aims at :

1. Bringing back the broken families to loving unity
2. Freeing the people from the clutches of drinking habit and other such evil habits
3. Trying to convert the people by leading them to sacramental life.
4. Leading the faithful to the main stream of their parish life.

Home Mission Programme was conducted in many parishes in our Archdiocese of Changanacherry specially during the Year of Faith.

Healing Ministry , Social upliftment Programmes, Care of the destitute, Apostolate of Mass media, Ecumenism, inter religious dialogue , renewed apostolic commitment and environment protection are all very useful means in the field of evangelization . Christeen retreats, Bible apostolate, and youth ministry are also effectively conducted by our faith formation team.

Christeen Programme

Conducted by Carmel Mount Team

Outside the Carmel Mount Retreat Centre in the Year 2013







DevaMatha Highschool, Chennamkary



April 1-2

St.George Sunday School, Muhamma




St. Josephs L.P.Changanacherry




St.Antonys Sunday School, Kurumpanadam




Little Flower High School, Kavalam




St.Joseph Sunday School, Thevara, Ernakulam